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Instructions to cure cancer book

We are pleased to offer Dr. Kelly Raber’s newest book!

Summary: The TumorX Anti-cancer protocol demonstrating how bloodroot, pancreatic enzymes, and Q-10, can treat, cure and prevent cancer. This is the step by step guide that works!

Library of Congress Control Number
: 2016912066

ISBN 978-0-9800008-1-8
(pbk. : alk. paper)


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  The seven (7) chapters cover all you need to know about using anticancer herbs and glandulars:
    1. The Allopathic Cure 
    2. The TumorX Protocol
    3. How to Make Bloodroot Capsules
    4. Overview of Anti-Cancer Herbs and Glandulars
    5. Cancer Testing
    6. Politics of Cancer
    7. Testimonials

About the Author
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Is your allopathic treatment for cancer not working? Are you lost in the forest of "Do's and Don'ts" of the alternative cancer world? Maybe you want to use both allopathic and alternative treatments combined. I am here to tell you that you can.
Cancer is not a disease that will forgive your trials and errors. When you choose to treat your cancer naturally, you need a plan that is tried and true. You need a real protocol that has worked in 1000's of cases.

I developed that tried and true protocol which kills cancer cells. Now, I offer you the knowledge to fight and overcome the scariest disease on earth with my TumorX Protocol that has literally worked for thousands of people just like you. This concise guide is not meant to cover all the different aspects of cancer, but rather to put you on the fast track to killing your cancer.

This book offers a treatment plan that teaches the basic concepts of how to kill most cancers including breast, prostate, lung, and brain cancer. This protocol can be combined with your allopathic treatment, or it can be used alone. This treatment plan applies to all people—
regardless of the treatment they choose: natural or allopathic.

My plan allows you the freedom to eat the foods you want. My food guide shows you what to eat when consuming the amazing nutrients given to us by God to kill cancer.

Killing cancer is not a crime; it is a right. While the FDA has banned me from selling the actual supplements for you to consume, they cannot ban me from providing you the written instructions.

Book Quality Details:

    • Softcover Cover
    • Acid-free paper

About the Author: Kelly Raber, D. Sc., holds a doctorate in science and is not a medical doctor.  He has formulated 100’s of herbal nutraceuticals for numerous aspects of the body. He believed in sharing his knowledge with everyday people so that they could use his formularies to heal themselves the way God had intended. His dietary supplement formulations have improved cardiovascular health, neurological health, and endocrine health. His formularies reversed diabetes as well as cancer.

He has written various articles over the years about natural health and has spoken at different conferences outside the USA that explored the uses of traditional medicines. Many may remember that Dr. Raber’s free speech was taken away by Federal Judge Marc. T. Treadwell in July 2014. All of Dr. Raber’s free online articles were removed from Judge Treadwell threatened to order the destruction of all of BioAnue Labs dietary supplements (formulated by Dr. Raber) if still contained articles about health on a certain day in July 2014.

Despite the timely removal of the articles, BioAnue Labs was nonetheless forced to stop selling our supplements based upon the Judge’s ruling that Dr. Raber’s writings had transformed our products into “drugs by definition.”  We are still being punished for our association with Dr. Raber. The Department of Justice will not reply to our letters.

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