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Dr. Raber’s thoughts are so dangerous that his speech is curtailed by the Department of Justice.  
The end of Free speech is playing out in Federal court in the USA.  

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Dr. Raber has spent the last year writing books. His first book is now finished.  The name of the book is Hydrogen Therapy: Water to Prevent & Cure Diseases. ISBN number: 978-0-9964926-0-7.

Dr. Raber acts as a consultant for health care professionals and companies that require his specialized knowledge in the natural products industry. If you need professional expertise for developing a dietary supplement Dr. Raber can provide his specialized knowledge.

Dr. Raber lectures on topics including how herbs and glandular-based formulations can improve the health of an individual. He believes that herbs are more effective than allopathic drugs, and that some drugs actually cause disease inside the human population.   

Dr. Raber is currently writing a book that exposes the use of natural remedies to successfully reverse cancer. Dr. Raber’s book will not just provide hope, but will offer a contrasting point of view and provide some of the reasons to why cancer is the second leading cause of death, just under heart disease.   

Although Dr. Raber is most known for his natural anti-cancer protocols, his formulations also include protocols for cardiovascular health, neurological health, and endocrine health, including diabetes. He has written various articles on natural health and has produced various lectures in DVD format.

If you are a returning reader of Dr. Raber’s research, you are probably wondering what happened to the 100’s of pages of free information that was previously found here. Click here to read why his articles are no longer here.


Have you or a loved one been told, "There is nothing else that can be done."?
Remember, the earth holds the cures. We need to keep an open mind,
life holds its infinite possibilities.